ArtShould is excited to present the products of a campus-wide, interactive art project and gallery event held over spring 2011 at the University of Chicago.

Inspired by PostSecret (www.postsecret.com), a website which posts mailed-in secrets sent in on anonymous postcards, we invited the campus community to decorate and submit anonymous postcards with a secret of their own.

We'd like to thank all of the students and staff who have taken the time and opportunity to share their secrets and creativity. We received over 200 postcards in just a few weeks, all of which are beautiful works of art spanning emotions from heartbreaking to humorous.

In order to celebrate this collective act of catharsis, we are making the postcards we received accessible as an online gallery. We hope you find the secrets as provocative and inspiring as we did.

Let us know your thoughts, reflections, ideas, and more: theartshouldteam@gmail.com